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EMF is a proud sponsor of
Australian Fitness & Health

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Improving the fitness & health sector
connecting institutions to
businesses and resources

Australian Fitness and Health (AFH) is a consultancy-based company bridging the gap between suppliers and the fitness and health sector.


Our primary mission is to inform decision-makers within the health and fitness sector about available funding and, in turn, we carefully vet reputable companies to present as preferred suppliers for decision makers to engage in order to effectively utilise this funding. AFH provides you with a unique, targeted and niche audience and platform essential for the growth of  your business.

The definitive resource for
the fitness and health sector

The definitive resource that is dedicated to improving the fitness and health sector for all Australians.

Australian Fitness and Health resource assists businesses that supply their products and services to the fitness and health sector by placing them directly in front of decision-makers.


Stay involved with the latest updates, news and developments in the fitness and health sector.

At AFH, we keep in regular contact with fitness and health sector decision-makers, allowing us to be in know about new companies, products, services ideas and concepts.

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