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Youfoodz: Makes healthy eating easy!

Help your members hit their wellness goals with Youfoodz' range of fresh and nutritious ready meals that make healthy eating easy!

Perfectly balanced with top-quality protein, carbohydrates, good fats & fresh vegetables sourced from Aussie farmers, it's all about healthy choices without the hassle of cooking. That's right - no more meal prep! Not to mention, an avenue to elevate your retail offering and add another revenue stream for your business.

Did you know Youfoodz’ story in fact begins in a gym after a personal trainer saw an opportunity to offer the convenience of a pre-prepared meal with the confidence that they’re healthy too! Each is chef-designed and dietician-endorsed to be big on flavour, while balancing your diet & busy schedule!

Find the perfect fit with their 'Regular' range of perfectly portioned and calorie controlled meals (300-350g). Or, why not check out their FUEL'D high protein range; designed for larger appetites hungry for more filling and functional meals (400-450g). And, with an ever-evolving menu of trending cuisines, there's a dish for everyone!

"Youfoodz is here to help you stick to a healthy routine with a wide variety of low calorie and high protein options to choose from weekly. They’re delivered fresh and ready to enjoy in minutes, saving you time & giving you the best chance of success," says Hannah Gilbert, Accredited practicing Dietitian & Senior Director Product Development at Youfoodz.

There's also refreshing juices and protein snacks too!


  • Made with the natural goodness of real Aussie fruit & veg

  • No added sugar, artificial flavours or preservatives

  • Squeezed full of superfoods and functional ingredients for added benefits with every sip


  • Indulgent treats you can feel good about

  • Portion-controlled and packed with protein to complement a balanced diet

  • More to munch with craveable flavours for goodness on-the-go

So, with 'health & wellness' becoming the #1 consumer driver for everyday choices, now is the perfect time to jump onto products that put "feeling good" at the forefront of your fridges. Follow the links below to let Youfoodz take care of the cooking and see how they can help transform your retail offering today!


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