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Xplosion Supplements: All the big brands in one location.

Proudly Australian owned and operated Xplosion Supplements is the supplement store for everyone! From protein powders, intra workouts, pre workouts and weight loss supplements and wellness advice we have it all.

We know everyone is on their own unique journey, so why not tailor your health & fitness goals to match your very own personal requirements? We offer free supplement advice to new and existing customers, over the phone, via email and social media.

We love to support and reward our customers because, after all, we are as passionate about your health and fitness as you are.

At Xplosion Supplements we care and you’re more than just a number to us. We personally take the time and effort to customise bundles to suit each of our valued customers accordingly. We stock a total of 15 major brands and have the ability and contacts easily stock twice as many!

To start ordering simply request our price list and you will soon find out that from ordering through us you will receive plenty of free products along with some of the best prices we can offer. some of our deals will look like (10+2) this means for every 10 you buy we will throw in 2 free! By doing it this way we can hit our profits while giving our customers even more room for profit. some would say “win win.”

Now if you are someone that knows you will be regularly buying, we have a membership option catered to people just like you! And here’s how it works.

Our gold tier offers the ability to purchase our products at cost price, yep that’s right cost price. Not the 30-40% off that brands and other stores might offer you. Plus, free shipping. Just as your favorite brands would do it. Meaning you can save the time and hassle of contacting 15 different brands and needing to track 15 + different orders. We will be your middleman.

We also have the same thing but in a silver and bronze membership. Silver gives you 30% off RRP on all your orders with free shipping. And bronze tier gives you 15% off all your orders. These can be paid as a weekly fee, 1 year upfront, 3 years upfront and continue to get our supplements at cost price!

Furthermore, if you’re a company looking for something to give back to your members and top-quality cheap supplements aren’t enough then we also provide discount codes and draws with tons of prizes to be won.

By ordering through Xplosion Supplements you’ll receive quick active response times, friendly conversations and negotiations, Speedy delivery, customers focused experiences, big brand names, constant sales and 100% transparency.

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