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PilatesEquip: Springs: the heart of a reformer. The way they can “cost”

Your clients demand quality when using health and fitness equipment. They also need to be safe too.

When other brands request spring replacement every two years, it may be an attempt to disguise their use of cheap, poorly made springs. This can cost you many dollars in many ways. Cheap springs may fail and break within their two-year service interval, potentially resulting in bodily harm and the knock-on effect of a diminished business reputation. Additionally, the high frequency of replacing springs can be a costly exercise.

Pilatesequip prides itself on Australian manufacturing and quality, a great example being our far superior springs. Most manufacturer’s springs are sourced from China and purchased for around $3 each, and yet they retail for around $80-$90 each. Our Australian-made springs are made to last with a replacement interval of eight years. At a retail cost of approximately $85 per spring, five springs per reformer and an average of 10 reformers in a Reformer class, this saves you $13,000 every eight years.

This drive for quality means you can rest assured in the safety of all users of Pilatesequip products. However, it is still vital to look after machinery to maintain longevity and smooth operation. Free and easy to follow maintenance schedules for all Pilatesequip products are available on the instructions and service web page, to keep your equipment safe and working at its optimum performance.

Pilatesequip strives for perfection.

After attending the prolific Sturt School for Wood, Pilatesequip owner Paul Tesoriero has a background in producing beautiful, bespoke wooden furniture. It was in 2001 when Paul began developing reformer and trapeze table prototypes and was able to carry over that same high-end, furniture-like quality to all Pilatesequip™ products, gaining an excellent reputation amongst the Pilates community.

For over two decades, Pilatesequip sales were driven only through word of mouth and the “Flagship” timber reformer can be found in use in hundreds of Pilates studios across Australia.

Over the years Paul has developed an excellent professional relationship with many Pilates instructors and studio owners. He truly values their feedback when it comes to ideas or alterations on equipment, is willing to listen to any suggestions and is accommodating with any special requests.

The development of products has been influenced by the simple yet functional aesthetic we like to refer as “Industrial Elegance”, culminating in the release of the Pilatesequip Evolution Reformer™ TWO. Available in a beautiful range of powder coat and upholstery colours with complementary accents of stainless steel and anodised aluminium components, the Pilatesequip Evolution Reformer™ TWO is easily styled to suit your own taste!

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