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Gallagher Security: simpler, smarter, safer security at your fingertips with SMB

No two health and fitness sites are the same. However, whether they are in the business of providing relaxation and tranquillity for customers or keeping families safe on the beach; all share one important goal in common - to protect people while they take time out for their health and wellbeing.

So, when Lyall Bay Surf Life Saving Club (SLSC) and Serenity Float Clinic were exploring options to enhance and simplify their existing security and access control solutions they landed at the same place, Gallagher Security's Security Made Better (SMB) product.

Gallagher SMB is a cloud-based security solution that simplifies and streamlines security for businesses.

In a world where security systems are often overly complex, SMB takes a fresh approach - bringing you all the features you need, and none you don't via an easy-to-use Gallagher SMB app.

For Cameron Turchie, Club Captain of Lyall Bay SLSC, SMB has revolutionised the way the club can control and monitor access to approximately 300 members and external community groups and individuals who use the facility.

"The SMB solution allows us to use our phones to grant temporary access, remotely lock and unlock doors, and the mobile credential replaces physical keys," says Cameron.

"The main issue we had was getting a large number of keys back from members at the end of a season, it's a lot of administration work. As we often hire the building out, we also wanted the ability to grant temporary access. One of the Gallagher team came and gave me a demonstration of the solution, and I thought, 'this is perfect," says Cameron.

Charl Eksteen, Owner of Serenity Float Clinic in Auckland faced a similar problem. He needed a solution that aligned with his business values and allowed access into his clinic be simple and seamless for both his customers and staff.

"I spent plenty of time researching all kinds of different door locks. I didn't want to deal with a whole bunch of outstanding keys, getting them back from people," says Charl.

With the Gallagher SMB app Charl can manage staff and customer access to the clinic entirely from his smartphone. He has visibility and control of the entrance door from anywhere, at any time and using the History Log, he can also see who has been on-site at what time.

Rather than dealing with keys, Serenity Float Clinic staff and customers have the SMB app installed on their phones, and simply badge in at a Gallagher reader at the door to unlock it. The SMB solution will grow alongside the business, allowing Charl to establish an after-hours program which will make way for more customers to come and go while he can oversee all movements from his smartphone.

Providing enhanced security and access features, automatic system upgrades, lower set-up fees due to quicker installation and remote maintenance capabilities, SMB boasts the latest technology, aligned with how people move in today's world.

"The SMB solution is easy to use but does everything you need. It's simple, cost-effective security that gives me peace of mind that the club is protected," concludes Cameron.

For more information about Gallagher Security's SMB solution, please see here


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