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DJ City: Surround yourself

DJ City is rooted in providing the best equipment and gear for people to pursue their passion and succeed professionally. Since 2003 we have been Australia’s leading DJ, Sound & Lighting superstore. Over the years we have seen demand for products, brands and solutions grow and we have been there every step of the way ensuring our customers receive industry-leading advice and the best deals.

Community is key for us as we understand and value the power of relationships with our customers having physical stores throughout QLD, NSW and VIC as well as an online presence allows us to be where our customers need us the most.

DJ City has evolved into the largest provider of Pro Audio, DJ Equipment and Lighting in Australia. We are dedicated to supporting all personal and professional requirements and as such, we aim to cater to the diverse needs of our customers. Our mission is to provide the best solutions and products to help you excel.

We know that the perfect audio in gyms is essential, it can motivate gym-goers, enhance the overall workout experience, ensure safety and create a positive brand image. The perfect audio setup can contribute to a more focused and enjoyable workout environment and play a significant role in member retention.

Talk to us today and find out how we can help you achieve your perfect audio.

1. LD Systems MAUI i1 Passive Indoor/Outdoor Installation Column Loudspeaker


2. Electro-Voice ZLX-12BT Active 12-Inch Speaker with Bluetooth SKU: ZLX-12BT

3. Shure GLXD14+S31 Wireless Headset Microphone with Receiver SKU: GLXD14+S31

4. LD Systems DQOR 3TB – 3 Inch Two-way Passive Indoor/Outdoor IP65 Loudspeaker 70/100V – Pair Black SKU: LDDQOR3T

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