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At BSc®, we help people feel great by creating trusted, quality products for everyday

physical and mental performance.

BSc® have led the Sports Nutrition category in Australia, as the original and the innovator,

for the last 25 years. At our heart are innovative technologies and sustainability, combined to provide our consumers with the highest-quality Australian-made protein, bars and supplements.

We approach our business, our brand and our products with integrity and a performance

lifestyle in mind. We value quality and purity, which is why we pride ourselves in offering a

robust range of HASTA banned-substance tested products, as well as keeping ahead of the game on innovative ingredients that support our consumers to Train, Play and Recover, better than ever.

Now it is time to Raise the can & Raise the bar, with NEW BSc Energy and Protein water

can ranges.

BSc® Energy

Big day/game/meeting/workout ahead? This is the can you want in your hand.

Each can contains vital ingredients to enhance mental performance and focus; 160mg of

caffeine, zero sugar, zero carbs, B vitamins and glucuronolactone.

Plus, they taste amazing. Choose from three delicious flavours; Ice Blast, Berry Burst and

Lime Crush.

BSc® Protein Water

Introducing a range of seriously delicious, ready-to-drink Protein Water cans.

In four mouthwatering flavours, guaranteed to have your tastebuds tingling. They are lightly sparkling and high in protein so you can refuel, recover and rehydrate in the most satisfying way.

Take your pick from Strawberry Dream, Green Apple, Pina Colada, and Musk Sticks. Each

boasts 15.2g of protein per can, 62 calories, and zero sugar.

Explore the BSc® Drinks range here:

BSc Drinks (

Ready to taste the flavours? Here is a sneak peek of what you can expect when you crack a can of BSc® Energy or Protein Water:

1300 263 972


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